May 14, 2020 – Bill Currier

Correction of Misinformation: In recent weeks several recall volunteers were asked why we hadn’t filed yet. They responded, based on the Secretary of State’s prominent “Due to COVID-19 we are closed to the public” banner on their website, that the SoS office was not open and that we therefore could NOT file. Yesterday I learned that at some point the Elections Division started accepting appointments and that we could have actually filed (although we would not have done so due to the pending primary election). This incorrect response by the volunteers was my mistake, not theirs, since I hadn’t verified that the Elections Division was still closed. As the chief petitioner, it is important that I take responsibility for this confusion and help correct it.

May 3, 2020 – Bill Currier

Yesterday’s hugely successful ReOpenOregon rally at the Capitol, with thousands in attendance despite the heavy rain at times, made it even more clear that Oregonian’s are fed up with Governor Brown and want her removed from office, ASAP!

The Governor’s manipulation of the COVID-19 situation to unlawfully and unconstitutionally attempt to strip us of our freedoms, including the right to even file a recall petition, will not be tolerated. We will NOT consent to it.

The Governor has set impossible standards for re-opening Oregon – ones that will destroy our economy without saving lives or reducing the COVID-19 threat. It is clear that this is not about public health, but about control.

The Advisory Group met this evening to discuss next steps for Round 2 of the recall. While we cannot currently file, we are vigorously pursuing our options, both legal and political, and will NOT be deterred from filing.

In the meantime we are partnering with other groups in the state and at the national level to enforce our right to seek redress and to block/reverse the Governor’s tyrannical actions. The US AG’s office is monitoring the situation.

The Governor’s illegal Executive Orders will not be able to hold Oregon down. With activity in all sectors increasing daily we believe that the day is fast approaching when we can start collecting signatures. And do it successfully.

Are you ready to help? WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW.

Please watch for posts in our Facebook group requesting volunteers for a variety of tasks that need to be performed – some in our office and some from home. Please also watch for posts on our Facebook page, and email requests from Stop the Abuse, regarding raising money for Round 2. Thank you for your commitment to ending tyranny in Oregon!

February 24, 2020 – Bill Currier

I know how eager everyone in this group is to begin Round 2 of the recall. And rightly so. Hundreds of thousands of Oregonians share our growing frustration. And this number will rapidly swell to well over a million as more and more voters begin to recognize the threats we face. It is literally a “do or die” scenario.

We have a governor and legislative majority that have turned against their own citizens, repeatedly refusing to hear their valid concerns or represent them. Therefore, it falls on us, the people they refuse to acknowledge, to remove the worst governor Oregon has ever known and to stop the tyranny which is on full display at the Capitol.

Just today the Republican Senators had to walk out when the Democrat legislators violated the law and rigged the vote. And within a few days it is likely the House Republicans will have to do the same. These brave legislators need our encouragement and support. They are the ones actually representing their constituents.

That brings us to the question of when to start Round 2. The bottom line is this, the timing of the recall is critically important to it’s success. If we start before the end of the session the support for recalling Governor Brown will not have yet peaked. Every day the number of voters ready to remove the governor increases as the abuses of the governor and her legislative accomplices become known.

Tremendous media coverage, both state and national, is about to converge on Oregon. At that time, shortly after the legislative session, our prime opportunity to begin the 90 days of signature gathering will start. This timing will also force the election to occur on a special ballot, after the primary, which tends to favor a vote to recall the governor.

As ready as we all are to rid Oregon of the “little tyrant” right now, we must be patient and strike when the yield of our efforts is at it’s greatest potential. Our emotion is justifiably strong because we’ve had enough, but if we truly want success, our logic and strategy must be stronger. I believe the results will be worth it.

November 17, 2019 – Bill Currier

Since the first announcement was a few weeks ago I think it’s time for some news. Thank you for your patience as we have been regrouping, strategizing and lining up resources. We anticipate that subsequent announcements will be coming at a faster pace.

The Coalition continues to grow. We currently have seven members representing various groups whose members were active in Round 1. We anticipate about five more representatives in the next few weeks. We made the decision to announce the Coalition membership after the pending members are confirmed by their respective groups. You will see the member list in an upcoming post.

In the meantime we have been busy planning and building the infrastructure needed to support a single, cohesive statewide recall effort. We have been incorporating many of the great ideas that you have been providing. We have been defining the various roles required for a successful campaign. We have been reaching out to past and potential volunteers (there is a lot of new interest) to see how they would like to help. If you have not signed up to volunteer or receive email updates, please do so by clicking HERE.

Once the Coalition is fully formed we will finalize our decision on the timing of the 90 days of signature gathering. This is the most critical decision to be made, and will be based on many important factors, not the least of which is seasonal impacts, the likely effect of the February legislative session (which promises to alienate even more Oregon voters) and the ballot the recall vote should appear on for optimum voter participation.

As I’m sure you can sense, we’re not done making history! We have the attention of other states, who are looking for guidance. Round 2 is lining up to be a much bigger recall effort and I am confident that it will be the “knockout punch” our Governor so richly deserves. Tyranny will not be tolerated in Oregon!

October 25, 2019 – Bill Currier

A coalition of key leaders from the 02 and 03 campaigns, as well as representatives from the various grassroots groups that rose up against tyranny in the 2019 legislative session, is now forming. This coalition will focus on planning and executing a single, cohesive recall effort that appeals to a broad spectrum of Oregon voters, including many, many Democrats and unaffiliated voters, who want the worst Governor in our state’s history removed from office before she destroys it even further.

If you are interested in helping us in Round 2 please watch for our next announcement, which will include more details about the Coalition, our plan, and how you can get involved. We made Oregon history in Round 1 and clearly demonstrated that we CAN make a difference. But this fight is not over! Working together, we WILL finish the job in Round 2.

Check the Stop the Abuse – Recall Kate Brown Facebook page for regular updates, or join the Stop the Abuse – Recall Kate Brown Facebook group. When joining the group, please be sure to answer all four questions.