Thank you for completing the Volunteer Form!

We know that many of you completed the volunteer form many weeks ago.  Please accept our apologies for not reaching out sooner. We’ve been busy planning, structuring, and organizing…while also waiting for the volunteer list to grow.

The GREAT news is that we are nearly ready…with exciting changes that will make this much more organized, and much easier than last year.  (How about immediate petition validation via a phone app? Pretty cool, right?)

We will be providing your contact information to the point of contact for your county within the next week or so, and from there, they should be reaching out to you.  Please be watching for text messages, phone calls, and/or emails (and be sure to check your junk folders).

Should you NOT hear from your county point of contact by June 8, please email us at  You may also use this email address for any other questions or concerns regarding the recall petition.

Due to Governor Brown’s strict “Stay Home / Save Lives” order, and cancelling all summer events for 2020, in-person signing events and locations might be a little more difficult.  However, our additional hope is that we will be financially able to mail single-signer petitions to those that would like them.  The cost to do so is approximately $0.61 per petition including postage, envelope, and printing costs.  We are working diligently to find donors willing to help with the associated costs of the mailings and our intent is to have a very combined approach of phone calls (to direct signers to a nearby location to sign), and the ability to mail petitions to those that are not able to sign at one of our locations.

We appreciate your PASSION, and your willingness to volunteer your time and efforts to help with removing the WORST GOVERNOR IN OREGON HISTORY!

Please do continue to keep an eye on our Facebook Page and our Website for additional updates!


Bill Currier
Chief Petitioner