Petition Signature Numbers

Round 2 Update #9: Since we are just over a third of the way into our 90 day window of recall petition signature gathering (which concludes at the end of August) I thought you would appreciate a progress report and an explanation of our numbers, targets and goals.

Methodology: As of the 30 day mark a few days ago we had provided, on demand, about 17,000 10-line petition sheets to county leaders throughout the state. We have not received most of those back yet, but based on the number of completed petition sheets returned from those distributed in the first two weeks we are able to project that we have collected about 121,200 signatures.

That is a GREAT number, however it is somewhat below our 30 day target of 150,000 signatures. While the minimum number of valid signatures we must submit is 280,050, our 90 day goal is 450,000 signatures. This larger number is an important goal to shoot for so that we ensure a healthy buffer against the inevitable invalid signatures that are typical in a recall petition effort.

Bottom Line: We need to continue actively collecting signatures, but at a somewhat faster rate. The number of petition sheets we are providing is growing daily, so if we also increase the number of signing locations around the state it is reasonable that we will make up the shortfall before the end of July. Simply put, demand by voters to sign the recall petition is outpacing the supply of signing locations and opportunities. We WILL succeed if we add more signing locations and engage more of the volunteers who have already signed up to help collect signatures.

We are off to a great start and far exceeding the number of signatures we had gathered by this time in Round 1, but we must continue to add locations and active circulators.