OpEd: Recall Gov. Kate Brown

by Mail Tribune readers | Wednesday, August 12th 2020 | Link

Democrats have total control over the three branches of government in Oregon: The governorship (Kate Brown), the House and the Senate with its super majority. They have gone power crazy implementing laws and raising taxes that harm the average Oregonian.

Kate Brown leads the onslaught of income and real estate taxes, special fees and onerous restrictions causing businesses to close and disastrous unemployment. During her reign Oregon ranked 31st for its fiscal health. Mismanaged pension funds led to $26 billion underfunding. Forbes reported that Kate is using taxpayers’ money to fund personal expenses.

Brown has also failed to keep her people safe. Protection is the government’s first duty. Riots, an increase in homicides, suicides, thefts, shootings, opioid addictions, homelessness and filthy parks do not make me feel safe.

Kate and her cronies have lost their moral compass engaging in a multitude of scandals and listening more to their buddies in California and Washington than their own constituents. Remember the disgrace over the effort to squash transparency at the Office of Public Records, and her unethical solicitation of millions in cash from state contractors. Enough!

Help save Oregon. Please sign the recall petition before the end of August.

Anne Zauner