May 3rd Campaign Update

Yesterday’s hugely successful ReOpenOregon rally at the Capitol, with thousands in attendance despite the heavy rain at times, made it even more clear that Oregonian’s are fed up with Governor Brown and want her removed from office, ASAP!

The Governor’s manipulation of the COVID-19 situation to unlawfully and unconstitutionally attempt to strip us of our freedoms, including the right to even file a recall petition, will not be tolerated. We will NOT consent to it.

The Governor has set impossible standards for re-opening Oregon – ones that will destroy our economy without saving lives or reducing the COVID-19 threat. It is clear that this is not about public health, but about control.

The Advisory Group met this evening to discuss next steps for Round 2 of the recall. While we cannot currently file, we are vigorously pursuing our options, both legal and political, and will NOT be deterred from filing.

In the meantime we are partnering with other groups in the state and at the national level to enforce our right to seek redress and to block/reverse the Governor’s tyrannical actions. The US AG’s office is monitoring the situation.

The Governor’s illegal Executive Orders will not be able to hold Oregon down. With activity in all sectors increasing daily we believe that the day is fast approaching when we can start collecting signatures. And do it successfully.

Are you ready to help? WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW.

Please watch for posts in our Facebook group requesting volunteers for a variety of tasks that need to be performed – some in our office and some from home. Please also watch for posts on our Facebook page, and email requests from Stop the Abuse, regarding raising money for Round 2. Thank you for your commitment to ending tyranny in Oregon!