E-sheet: Print & Mail


  1. Print the e-sheet on white paper.
  2. Sign and date both lines that ask for a signature and date. The dates must match.
  3. Print your name and residence address including street, city and zip.
  4. Do NOT write in a sheet number.

Mail the completed form to:

Bill Currier
752 Hawthorne Ave NE
Salem, OR 97301

Please review this – it is important!!

Most Importantly – The e-sheet is very clear that each individual must print the petition themselves or personally request that a separate person print it for them. What does this mean? No person shall pre-print a stack of e-sheets for individual distribution.

TWO signatures are required. One is the actual petition signature, the other is the certification that they have printed themselves or requested that another individual print it for them so that they can sign it.

The dates on both signatures MUST MATCH

Never, ever number the petition. The Chief Petitioner and his volunteer staff will number the petitions as they are received.
Print your name and address on the bottom line, and be sure to PRINT LEGIBLY!