Chief Petitioner Update 8/26

Update on Kate Brown Recall: We’re almost there! You are about to make history in Oregon. Please continue collecting signatures so we not only get this across the finish but also have a buffer.

Update on Kate Brown Recall: We're almost there! You are about to make history in Oregon. Please continue collecting signatures so we not only get this across the finish but also have a buffer.

Posted by Bill Currier on Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Petition Signature Numbers

Round 2 Update #9: Since we are just over a third of the way into our 90 day window of recall petition signature gathering (which concludes at the end of August) I thought you would appreciate a progress report and an explanation of our numbers, targets and goals.

Methodology: As of the 30 day mark a few days ago we had provided, on demand, about 17,000 10-line petition sheets to county leaders throughout the state. We have not received most of those back yet, but based on the number of completed petition sheets returned from those distributed in the first two weeks we are able to project that we have collected about 121,200 signatures.

That is a GREAT number, however it is somewhat below our 30 day target of 150,000 signatures. While the minimum number of valid signatures we must submit is 280,050, our 90 day goal is 450,000 signatures. This larger number is an important goal to shoot for so that we ensure a healthy buffer against the inevitable invalid signatures that are typical in a recall petition effort.

Bottom Line: We need to continue actively collecting signatures, but at a somewhat faster rate. The number of petition sheets we are providing is growing daily, so if we also increase the number of signing locations around the state it is reasonable that we will make up the shortfall before the end of July. Simply put, demand by voters to sign the recall petition is outpacing the supply of signing locations and opportunities. We WILL succeed if we add more signing locations and engage more of the volunteers who have already signed up to help collect signatures.

We are off to a great start and far exceeding the number of signatures we had gathered by this time in Round 1, but we must continue to add locations and active circulators.

How To Help

Our goal is to reach every, single Oregonian in every town and city across the state, so that each Oregon registered voter has equal opportunity to sign the Recall Kate Brown Petition!

To do that, we would LOVE more volunteers!

  • First Step: Complete the Volunteer Contact Information form at:
  • Second Step: Watch the Circulator Training Video and complete the form at:
  • Third Step: We will provide your contact information to the county leader for your area, and they will reach out to you! (ps: Our county leaders are truly amazing!!)

June 6th Update

Recall Update

As most of you know by now we received our approval to circulate petitions from the SoS Elections Division on Wednesday, so we are off and running! Since the approval our volunteer base has increased by almost 50% and continues to grow rapidly. Signing Locations: Most counties have received their initial bundle(s) of petitions and are beginning to have signing locations and events. We currently have about 50 locations/events statewide on the map (see the link below).

That will likely swell to over 100 soon. It is extremely important that all locations/events be on the map as soon as possible because we are flooded with people asking where and when they can sign. If your location/event is not listed please contact your county lead to have it added.

Campaign Contacts: Cindy Binder-Frink and Carol Williams are the main contacts for the campaign. Cindy is the Campaign Coordinator who handles logistics and the ordering of supplies and materials. Carol is the County Liaison that provides support and assistance to the county leads. We also have a whole team working behind the scenes to make this recall a success, but please contact Cindy or Carol first, depending on your role and your need. Contacting me directly will most likely result in a delay as I am a volunteer with a full time job and must devote most of my free time in the “war room” with the campaign team.

Recalling a Tyrant: The battle lines have been drawn. The governor has set forth a political agenda and issued a series of edicts that are clearly incompatible with the best interests of the people of Oregon. Using a combination of faulty data, suspicious motives, and raw incompetence she is proceeding to destroy our economy, our lives and our state with illegal and unconstitutional Executive Orders. You are the army that will remove this tyrant and those legislators that enabled her. You are the people of Oregon that will begin the process of restoring our state.

Thank you and Godspeed to The People!

Tools for Our Upcoming Petition’s Success

Recall Update

There has been much discussion today about the fact that two other recall petitions have suddenly been filed ahead of our Stop The Abuse – Recall Kate Brown recall petition, which is scheduled for filing right after the primary election and which has been organizing since right after the 2019 recall effort.

It should be noted that it is an easy thing to file a recall petition in Oregon. Any voter can do it at just about any time. It is a much more difficult and complicated thing to make it successful. Foremost is the timing. It has to be done at exactly the right time to have a chance. Waiting until after the primary election was a deliberate decision on our part to avoid interfering with candidate campaigns.

While it is unfortunate that there will now be more than one recall petition, because it causes confusion for voters, it also has the benefit of helping to raise awareness with voters, which is a good thing. We all want Kate Brown removed from office and almost all interested voters will eagerly sign all recall petitions made available to them. The key is to make sure they don’t sign the same recall petition twice. And we own the solution to that problem!

Over the last six months we have been building a mobile app that allows our petition circulators to instantly verify whether a potential signer is a registered voter, what their registered address is, and whether they have already signed our petition. This gives our petition in-the-field, immediate validation of voter signatures and virtually eliminates the possibility of signing our petition twice. It also helps ensure that the signatures we submit to the Secretary of State will be nearly 100% valid.

I can tell you we learned much in Round 1 of the recall effort about what worked and what didn’t! That knowledge has enabled us over the last 6 months to develop a winning strategy (including timing), a solid campaign infrastructure, an army of dedicated and loyal volunteers, and the circulator tools, materials and resources to get the job done. We will be hitting the ground running, and we are excited you have chosen to be a part of it. We will be making history together when we remove Oregon’s tyrannical governor.

Remember, we came close in Round 1. This time we only need to close the gap.

Note: By law, recall petitions from different filers cannot be combined. But because voters will almost always sign multiple recall petitions to remove the same office holder the real issue is making sure they only sign each recall petition once. Our new mobile app does just that.